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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  November 24, 2010 11:00am-1:00pm EST

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-- captions by vitac -- and happy thanksgiving eve,
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everyone, from all correspondence of the country. new york to miami, seattle to los angeles. millions of you are on the move right now. and we are, of course, your holiday travel headquarters. we will bring you the information you need for getting there. including updates on airport security and the latest on the weather conditions, speaking of weather, snow and ice at issue for some of you traveling in the west today. warnings, watches and advisories cover much of the rege friend nevada to utah to california. and north to the canadian border. the national weather service issued a blizzard warning for most of utah, western colorado and southern idaho. let's get to you reynolds wolf right now. reynolds, if you would, give us the deep down, sir, on weather conditions around the country. >> the biggest condition we've got is the change of air mass coming in from the north. look at the difference. 18 degrees dallas. 3 degrees in billings. all of this cold air is going to
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make its way to the east. ahead of it we'll see all kinds of changes in our weather. what we're seeing a combination of rain, sleet and snow. snow in the northern plains. grand forks, fargo, right along the river, the snow is coming in hard. other places, the south, we're seeing the rain pick up in places like wichita. but it's the winter weather that's the biggest concern right now. we've got warnings, we've got watches, we've got advisories for the northern tier state. meanwhile, for the central rockies we're talking possibility of blizzard-like conditions. whiteout conditions, 6 to 24 inches of snow by midnight. wind gusts 60 to possibly 70 miles per hour in the afternoon, tony. a lot to deal with. >> terrific. thank you, reynolds. see you later. here's what we did, we made a guinea pig out of one of our correspondents today, right? david mattingly flying from atlanta, the world's busiest airport to tampa. he just touched down, and, david, tell us about your trip. >> reporter: well, first of all,
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guinea pig? i mean, come on. test pilot, something more -- a little more dignified, please. but what we've got so far, what we've got -- what we've got so far, tony, was smooth sailing in this corner of the country. we see about the weather problems out west. flying from atlanta to tampa today, absolutely smooth sailing. we came in on air tran. actually arrived here in tampa about 12 minutes early. and every step of the way, we're talking to passengers about what they're encountering. everyone wants to talk about security because everything else seems to be going so smoothly. they talked about the patdowns. we've talked about the full-body scans. we talked to people about both. they say they don't have a problem with them. we talked to one couple, however, is this one couple we've encountered today they say they will be sending a letter to their congressman because of the experience they had. this was a senior couple. they were telling me the man had a brace on his arm after
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breaking his arm. so he went through the full-body scan. after that, tsa asked him to remove his sweater that he was wearing, and then they gave him the full patdown. there was some pain involved. they didn't let his wife help him. they were a little upset about that. but otherwise, everyone we're talking to seems to know exactly what they want. what they're prepared for. and getting from point "a" to point "b" as quickly as possible is the agenda today. as it is on just about any other day. and today, you know, everything that we're seeing looks like a normal day, except you see a lot more couples. a lot more families traveling than you would normally see on a day like this, a lot of business travelers. that's the only noticeable difference, tony? >> all right. our test pilot. there he is, david mattingly, for us. let's do this. let's widen the view a little bit. get a bigger picture of you of how this travel day is shaping up. jacqui jeras is at the travel desk, checking on flight delays,
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highway issues. any problems so far? >> yeah, we've had a lot of problems, tony. although great to hear security's going were el. we're seeing problems on some of the highways and some of the interstates. i'll start you out by telling you about a new accident. this is between providence and boston. this is on interstate northbound on i-295. there's a major accident here. and the ramps are closed in 295 in both directions. use a lot of caution in this area here. also, we want to talk about this, what's going on in idaho. we want to talk about the terrible weather and the blizzard conditions. is this from the wyoming department of transportation, and we were told that i-80 from evanston to align is closed. we haven't been able to confirm that, but if you take a look at their tower cams here, it's a ghosttown. you see all of the snow and ice covering the roadways here. up here, we have the live
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picture here from atlanta. there you can see the cloudiness across the downtown area. we did have delays at the airport earlier. right now, things are holding okay, whenever you get clouds like that along with the volume, tony, we do expect to see more delays throughout the day. we'll keep you up to date. >> tricerrific, jacqui, big stos now. thousands of students are on the streets in england now. live pictures, roger? live pictures right now, protesting large tuition increases. a similar protest turned violent when students stormed headquarters. teak ka shubert is on the screen. we'll be monitoring the situation in london, throughout the morning. cause see, on the lower left. we can will track the demonstration with that gizmo,
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you can see what's happening. new zealand, a second complogs rocked the mike river mine overnight. rescuers say there's no way the 29 trapped miners could have survived the blast if they are still alive. the air in the mine was mostly carbon monoxide and methane. both of which you know are deadly. north korea and south korea, enormous retaliation, the day after the two koreans exchanged artillery fire. the "uss george washington" heading there. >> south korea is our ally, it has been since the korean war, and we strongly affirm our commitment to defend south korea as part of that alliance. >> four south koreans were killed in the north korean attack. we are online just likes you. one of the most clicked-on stories right now is the "dancing with the stars" finale. >> the second competition, the winners and new champions of
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as we mentioned at the top of the newscast, thousands of students are on the streets in england today, protesting large tuition increases. live pictures here. cnn's atika shubert on the phone from london. atika, if you would, tell us what you're seeing? i've got to tell you, it looks like police are in a better position and have been throughout the day to handle these protests than two weeks ago. >> yeah, they've brought out a lot more manpower this time. last time, they had about 300 police for 50,000 students. this time around, they've got several thousand students and a lot of police. police have cordoned off this area in parliament square on this road called whitehall here.
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they're not letting any more students in or out. they're basically letting this protest burn itself out until the later hours and start letting people slowly go. it's supposed to be a protest but it's become more of a rave at this point. you can hear the music. a lot of people dancing. they've lit some fires, firecrackers. they have gotten a bit unruly at times, pushing the police van. they did manage to break in and take out some of the riot gear and also spray painting it. i would say most of the studentser who are high school students. what they call stick formers who say they're going to be affected when they graduate. >> are the protests having any effect? is the government in any way rethinking this policy of tuition fee hikes? >> reporter: no, the government is firm saying that the government simply cannot afford to do the kind of things they had before, where they were
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subsidizing education very heavily. they're making cuts across the board. and education benefits have been slashed by 40%. that's why they said the universities now have to increase these because the government simply can't go on pay for some of it. they have said, however, that they have been put on -- make sure any student that wants to take on the loans that they pay them back at only a certain income level. and they've tried to make it easier for students to ease that burden of debt. but at this point, the students say it's not enough. that they want the tuition fees to be scrapped altogether. but unfortunately, the government, at this point, is not responding. >> yeah. atika shubert for us. good to talk to you. thank you. let's do this. let's go cross-country. authorities in california with a makeshift homeless camp, a group
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of homeless people had built the shelter in a creek bed. a little crane can turn the creek bed in a raging river. in kansas city, missouri, a couple butt heads with a car jacker. their 6-month-old baby was in the back seat. police say the mother smashed the wind with her elbow. that's when the father jumped and started kicking the car jacker who ran off. and separate appearances we're talking about here. comedian bill cosby talked to new haven students about attendance and values. less than a mile away, philadelphia eagles quarterback michael vick discussed animal cruelty. it's part of his rehabilitation for a dogfighting conviction. >> the only thing i can do is prove that i'm going to fulfill every obligation, to prove that i'm going to continue to work with the humane society, continue to help more animals than i hurt. and if i can do that, then i can
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be at peace. but i can't change people's minds. i can't change people's perception of what they feel about me. >> vick's stock is soaring after what's been a huge season. he is second in pro bowl voting behind colts quarterback peyton manning. i'll tell you i remember when the spectrum was hot in philadelphia. and kobe bryant remembers when the king pop gave him advice on the core. huh? ibrahim abdul mateen joins me next for the big play. good to see you, sir. first, a market check. we are better than 90 minutes into the trading day. what a rally we are witnessing right now. the nasdaq is up 45. take a look at the big board. the dow. up 134 points ahead of thanksgiving day. we're back in a moment here in the cnn newsroom. later today, she'll help an accident victim in kansas. how can one nurse be in all these places?
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the new. after 43 glorious years, the spectrum falls. and kobe bryant reminisces about his mentor, m.j. not the m.j. you're thinking. ibrahim abdul mateen joins us. ibrahim, good to see you you what are your memories of the glorious spectrum in philadelphia? >> i have two memories of the spectrum, one is when christian
11:17 am
laettner shot that amazing shot in 1992, when duke beat kentucky. i remember where i was. i remember how amazing that shot was. the second memory when i was at the university of rhode island. i played football there. lamar odom won his first championship, and game-winning shot to win the championship. i was at the spectrum as well. >> do you even remember roller derby? even the little richard brown? do you even remember when there was wrestling at the spectrum? you were too young to remember the glory days when bruce springsteen was there 36 odd times. the grateful dead maybe 50 times. you are too young. you were still on paplun in those days. >> what you're saying basically is the spectrum is old and had its kay. and we need to move on from the spectrum. >> what am i?
11:18 am
125 here? switching. were you surprised to read that kobe bryant was mentored by michael jackson? >> this is a question about mentorship and how information and tradition are passed down. kobe bryant looked to the best in his class. and that's the way kobe bryant expresses his basketball. he speaks of it as a craft. he's an artist. he's at the highest level of his career. >> well, talk about the early days. he said part of the reason this worked for him is because michael jackson understood and could see that kobe was being picked on a bit. and kobe's words, catching a lot of -- for being different, speaking multiple languages, being a young kid in the league. being confident, some would say cocky. so he understood what kobe was going through. what do you think it is that kobe received from michael jackson? >> most specifically, he learned
11:19 am
how to prepare. how -- that psychotic maniacal nature that gets you to be the best, to be the top of your career. that's what kobe specifically focused on when he dealt one-on-one with michael jackson. that kind of level of preparation is unique to very few athletes. michael jordan, bill russell, people at the top of their careers. >> come on, you had to be surprised. you're thinking m.j., you're thinking maybe magic johnson, maybe michael jordan. you're not thinking michael jackson? >> the reason why it makes sense is that kobe bryant is the star. he took over the reins from magic johnson and kareem abdul-jabbar. where? in tinseltown. it makes perfect sense that michael jackson would say listen, i gaulot you. >> any thoughts on coach k reaching his milestone last night? >> there's no better coach than
11:20 am
coach k in college basketball. there's no bettermenter for young people. i think he's proven that on the court. >> boy, that's good stuff. ibrahim, good to see you. we'll have you back on the program talking sports. happy thanksgiving to you. >> yes, sir. just in time for black friday "consumer reports" is out with his naughty and nice list. stores on the nice list include l.l. bean, costco, walmart and orvis. and that's good customer service and easy return. the naughty list -- well, that's next. that can simulate head injuries in an accident and helps make people safer. then they shared this technology with researchers at wake forest to help reduce head injuries on the football field. so, you know, i can feel a bit better about my son playing football. [ male announcer ] how would you use toyota technology to make a better world? learn how to share your ideas at
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in case you're skipping turkey day tomorrow and planning your shopping for black friday, "consumer reports" has leased its naughty list. ready? here you go. you see it right there. verizon wireless, macy's, best buy, comp usa and on the list for shipping costs, returns after the grace period and restocking fees. okay, the good news one day, bad news the next, recovery looking a lot more positive today on the jobs front. first-time claims for unemployment benefits tumbled to their lowest level since july 2008. jobless americans filed 407,000 applications last week, much better than economists predicted. experts say claims need to fall below 400,000 consistently to bring down the unemployment rate. that jobs report is sparking a big time rally on wall street. but it's not the only bit of positive economic news we have for you today.
11:23 am
alison kosik is on the floor with details. what's the latest on paychecks. >> reporter: well, there are new government figures out that, tony, that show our wallets, they're getting fatter. personal income numbers rose in october. but i want to you look at this. private sector say they jumped $33 billion last month. you compare that to a rise of $8 billion in september. that's really huge. that's good news, along with the good jobs news that you just mentioned are the reason why we're seeing the dow right now in triple digits, up 122 points, tony. >> any indication of what people are doing with that bit of extra cash? >> reporter: you know, good question. because you think about when we were in the depths of the recession. everybody was saving. saving was king. now, we're doing a little bit of saving. we're doing a little bit of spending. we're bringing home a little more money so we're able to share the love. also the good news with this is, we are saving a little more than
11:24 am
we did before the recession started. before the recession, we were saving under 2%. now, we're saving a little over 5%. we're earning those good habits. let's see how long they last, tony. >> take a quick peek at the big board. where's that dow number? >> reporter: up 127 points. >> let's goose that thing a little more. good to see you. it has been a thanksgiving tradition at the white house since george h.w. bush was in office. two lucky turkeys named apple and cider has been granted a presidential pardon from the chopping block. president obama spared the birds in a ceremony held in the rose garden. very nice. they will spend the rest of their days at george washington's mt. vernon estate and gardens.
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if is the buzz online right now, of course, we're covering it, sandra endo is in washington this morning with what's trending, sandra, seinfeld was on "letterman" last night with all the yada, yada, yada? >> yeah, that's right, tony. it's huge in "trending" today. what's great and what sucks. you know, could those two things be the same? i would tell you, tony, that you're great. >> that's kind, thank you. >> that was basically the schtick of comic jerry seinfeld.
11:27 am
he was in rare form last night. i can't do it justice. >> i say to you that sucks and great are the exact same thing. you have an ice cream cone. you're walking out on the street. the ice cream falls off the top of the corner hits the pavement, sucks. what do you say? great. >> that's good. >> yeah. he is good. yeah, of course. and he also talked about the coolest thing he's ever done and that was perform at the white house for the president. president obama. and paul mccartney. and of course, he's being grfun and seinfeld spontaneously got on the stage to sing with the beatles star. >> that is fantastic. i know you got something on the cookie monster, huh? >> probably on thanksgiving, going to eat a ton of them. trending today is the cookie monster. he is trending on twitter. the "sesame street" star is on
11:28 am
campaign to host "saturday night live." he even made an audition tape that's going viral. take a look. >> ladies and gentlemen, monster gaga! ♪ ♪ me need cookie me need cookie ♪ yum, yum, yum. >> and i love it. lady gaga, yeah. well, people are tweeting about his audition tape. and a lot of people are out there rooting for him. we'll see if he makes an appearance on "saturday night live." >> yeah, i see that happening. sandy, good to see you. see you next hour. thank you. you are traveling today and we are following aaa predicting a nice rebound in holiday travel. more than 42 million americans are expected to go by train, plane or automobile this thanksgiving. that is a 7% increase over last year. where you're going.
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tell your doctor all medicines you take, including aspirin, especially if you've had a stroke. if fever, unexplained weakness or confusion develops, tell your doctor promptly. these may be signs of ttp, a rare but potentially life-threatening condition, reported sometimes less than 2 weeks after starting plavix. other rare but serious side effects may occur. let's do this. let's check in on our tower cams right now, one day before thanksgiving. utah struggling a bit to recover from a ferocious arctic storm. you are looking here at salt lake city. residents with treacherous roads and numbing freeze there. north texas preparing for a polar plunge. live pictures from dallas. the cooler temperatures are
11:32 am
expected to arrive later today, the time when folks start arrive for their holiday thanksgiving weekend. that is a live picture there. we hear black friday could be a white one there. airport security could impact your travel today. complaints over the body scans and more intrusive patdowns led the calls for protests today. jeanne meserve, good to see you. are you seeing any signs that the protests have in fact materialized? >> reporter: well, if you thought opt-out day or holiday travel was going to make it difficult at the nation's airports, look at this, i'm at reagan national airport and there is virtually no wait to get through the security checkpoint. and we are hearing about security delays at other airports around the country. we talked to a lot of travelers about this. some of this weren't aware. opt-out protests. some people said they didn't like the body scanning machines but they weren't going to protest that way because they didn't want to inconvenience other travelers. then we talked to an awful lot
11:33 am
of people who said they had no problems with the machines or the enhanced patdowns or the implications for privacy. >> i work for the state department so i travel all the time so it doesn't bother me. >> reporter: how about you? >> i feel like if this is what it has to go through, this is what we have to go through. i just feel like i'm going to do what we have to do. i still want to fly. >> reporter: well, right now, there are only about 400 of the scanners deployed at airports around the country. so they aren't at any check point -- every checkpoint by any means. in fact, we've heard stories of some people who have gone through security wanting to opt out, but at their checkpoint, they only had magnetometers and weren't able to do it. they have made their point. they have made the government very aware that there are people who do not like these body scans. and do not like these patdowns. and they are looking right now, the government is, to see if somehow they can modify the
11:34 am
procedures and make them a little less invasive. >> jeanne, appreciate it. let's check in with jacqui jeras at the travel desk. jacqui, what are you following now? >> we've been watching things at the airports in terms of delays and we've also been checking in with the affiliates. this is our affiliate, w.a.v.e. tv, in louisville. what you don't see here, very light rain coming down. don't be surprised if you start to see sleet here, too. i-65, slow going. few reports of minor accidents be cautious traveling through the ohio valley. i want to scoot you over here and show you air delays. newark, we're looking at ground delays at 35 minutes. we also have delays at charlotte of 30 minutes. that's departure delays. if you're leaving charlotte right now, those delays, unfortunately, are on the
11:35 am
increase. we've also been checking on what's going on online, at, we're going check in with marny hunter. what kind of things are you seeing on the web? >> well, for the most part, most of the people weighing in on twitter aren't seeing much delays at all. they're talking five minutes they're surprised that they're flying through security. >> wow. okay. that's great news. what's going on on there's a lot of valuable information on there as well. >> yes, opt-out day isn't having a huge effect. we've got the airport delay tracker there. we around see major things. if you want to check back on travel we'll keep informed. >> thanks, manorie, tony, appreciate it. appreciate it, ladies. a monster snowstorm buries the western mountains a little bit of everything out there for everyone. we will check in with reynolds wolf in just a minute. ring ring ring ring
11:36 am
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reynolds wolf is joining us now. i take a look at your map and i say, let's not and say we did. are you kidding me? >> i know. the timing is horrible. east coast, things are fine. west coast, not a problem. a few scattered clouds. but when you get to the center of the midwest, you don't have to be a meteorologist to see the issues. you've got rain, you've got
11:39 am
snow, sleet. freezing rain into the ohio valley. let's begin with the big ugly. we're looking at, again, you're seeing a lot of purple, a lot of pink. that stands for something. those are your watches and warnings. temperatures well below zero, north of billings. all of that moisture is rushing in, it combines, forms some snow and also going to bring pretty heavy snowfall to parts of the rockies. that coupled with strong wind gusts. tony get this, 70-mile-an-hour wind gusts possible later tonight. i know, man, whiteout conditions. it's going to be brutal. that blizzard effect 8:00 p.m. local. we're seeing that moisture feed into the ohio valley. some of it's going to be rain. notice where you see the pink pop up. that's the freezing rain and ice on the roadways. be careful there in the midwest. as we fast forward to thanksgiving day, everything, all that mess is going to surge more to the east. eastern third of the country. pretty good along the carolinas.
11:40 am
once you get into the tennessee valley, wrap things up, rain and snow, great lakes, out west, conditions still nice. happy thanksgiving, sir. you and that wonder family of yours. the mirror ball trophy thing goes to jennifer grey. the star of "dirty dancing" now the star of "dancing with the stars." let's talk to entertainment journalist kelly carter joining me on the phone from valley, alabama. happy thanksgiving, kelly. good to talk to you. >> reporter: thank you, happy thanksgivings to you. >> appreciate that. did the right person win last night? >> reporter: absolutely. i mean, jennifer grey was the most talented of the final three. not only that, she was consistently the high scorer. >> was there stay chance she might not perform. i understand she's got a pretty bad back or neck injury? >> reporter: it's a spinal cord injury. she didn't think she was able to perform. she fought through just like any great athlete would.
11:41 am
and turned out really great series of performances in spite of that injury. >> why didn't bristol palin win, doggone it? >> reporter: you know, i guess in the end, the voters didn't turn out the way she needed them to turn out. the thing about "dancing with the stars" we actually never knew how many voters she was getting. so it could have been she was always second to last person that just didn't get voted off throughout the season. we don't know that she was ever a number one vote getter. >> knew there was a lot of conversation about this online. would it have hurt the show, in your opinion, if bristol had won? >> reporter: i think it would have. i think a lot of people would have been upset. for a number of reasons. primarily, i think people consider bristol palin to be an accidental celebrity and she is. but there also is the same argument for why she probably should have won this competition. she didn't have any performance background whatsoever. and grew from being a very awkward dancer to really nice performances. >> how about kyle mass circumstances how did he do in
11:42 am
the program? >> reporter: kyle finished second. he actually did well. the thing about the disney stars that are on the show, they struggle to stay on for a long time because their poor fan base is in bed by the time the show actually comes on. he obviously made a pretty big splash and got the voters to support him. >> kelley, have a happy thanksgiving. by the way, bristol palin's mom is on her book tour. sarah palin's book "america by heart" son sale now. the former alaska governor and vice presidential nominee will stop in 16 cities. so you get the same coverage, often for less. wow! that is huge! [ disco playing ] and this is to remind you that you could save hundreds! yeah, that'll certainly stick with me. we'll take it. go, big money! i mean, go. it's your break, honey. same coverage, more savings.
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okay. some of the most inspirational people in the world are honored this year as cnn heroes. the all-star tribute airs tomorrow night. it's a fantastic show. i can't tell you how much you're going to enjoy it. you can be part of the action right now online. josh is here to give us a bit of a behind-the-scenes look at something that's never been done before. right, josh? >> yeah, were did brand-new things for cnn honoring the most amazing who have given their lives to help so many in need. we set up a social suite backstage of the event, in which the here rose and celebrities were using social media to spread the word about the causes. the host was actress holly robinson peete who put this together for me. >> reporter: thanks, josh, i'm here at the social swurt of cnn
11:46 am
heroes. this is my favorite awards show of the year. i absolutely love it. i call it the mother teresa of award shows. i feel right at home because i'm a tweert, i'm a facebooker. we're tweeting and facebooking and doing media about the events tonight. i'm going to be the ones encouraging the celebrities when they come in to get on their facebooks, get on their twitter and talk about it. the best awards show ever. thanks a lot. >> yeah, it is. tons of tweets have been generated from that that helps draw interest to the cnn heros and their projects. these people who are committing their lives in so many ways. i want to you know you can learn about them at they're nominated from people all over the world. we had a very distinguished panel. help choose the top ten. then you all chose the ultimate hero of the year. you're going to learn a lot about her when you tune into this event tomorrow night. an amazing, amazing woman.
11:47 am
another thing you'll get to see, a little bit of this take a look here. >> oh, yes. ♪ >> common, yeah, john legend. >> jon bon jovi, sugarland. the stars were all over this. again, you've got the star power that's helping all of this. tony, it's great to see you. now, lots of people visiting the website. >> this is going to be fantastic. you will love the performances. you will love the hero of the year. i guarantee you. okay. so can you watch this entire special. thank you, josh, thanksgiving night, 8:00 p.m. eastern, 5:00 pacific. be sure to watch the star-studded "showbiz tonight" 7:00 p.m. eastern. [ male announcer ] it's a rule of nature.
11:48 am
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11:51 am
you have a big dinner to prepare. not much time to put it all together. pat tinsman of cnn. you have timely tips for you. >> always good to see you. >> so getting that turkey just right, okay? priority number one, you would agree, correct? >> okay. priority number one is actually stop, take a deep breath, remember it's just a meal. it is just a meal, and that said, you still have time to do everything you want to, you can brine it. you can season it. you can add a lot of really great flavor in there. a lot of turkeys come pre-brined so you might be able to skip that step. a big priority might be to get flavor in there, massage some butter, herbs and spices under the skin, to top of the skin and you are good to go.
11:52 am
>> what if the turkey is still frozen. what do you do? okay, if you're watching this right now. put the tivo on pause, go to the fridge and get it into the fridge right now. there is still time to thaw this all out, you just have to put it under cold water, 30 minutes a pound. you can even do that tomorrow morning and make sure you get it into the refrigerator. if you can put it in the microwave if you have an itty-bitty bird. either cold water, defrost in the microwave and make sure to cook it right away so bacteria doesn't take time to develop. >> take a deep breath, there is time. any other ideas on how to cut down with stress? >> sure. well, today you can get all of your cutting, your chopping and peeling out of the way. make it fun. invite a friend over, have a glass of wine. enjoy yourself. we've done all these polls and asked people what can you do without on thanksgiving. it's not about the food. it's about the company and the
11:53 am
relaxation. i say make your casseroles right now so they have time to blend overnight and they'll be even more delicious. >> oh, you are good. what about all of the trimmings here? the food, the drinks. any tips on those items? >> oh, sure. okay. so if you're hosting, get a little drink into guests' hands the second they get into your house so they don't get hangry, a combination of hungry and angry. >> i love it. >> the better you treat your guest the happier they'll be. you're not going to make it the way their mom did and you don't get the blame for that. >> kat, there are a lot of folks who were thinking about traveling, they are traveling right now, but maybe taking something with them, what foods will the tsa allow you to carry on and maybe the better question is the tsa won't let you carry on? >> well, surprise, surprise. you can take a cake or a pie, just get red for a little extra
11:54 am
tlc from the tsa if you're traveling through. so, you know, it will be on a case by case basis. you're better off putting things in a checked luggage in a closed container, say you're make the gravy at home for whatever reason and you want to bring your mom's hope, unless you're bringing the itty-bitty bottles, you're better off. it has to be thoroughly wrapped so it doesn't make a mess at the belt scanner and no one will love you that way. >> she is terrific. she is kat kinsman from you're back with us tomorrow. >> i sure am. get that turkey in the frimg. we'll see you tomorrow, we're back in a moment. you're in the cnn "newsroom." praiser: well you rarely see them in this good of shape. appraiser: for example the fingers are perfect. appraiser: the bird is in mint condition.
11:55 am
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11:57 am
so when the troops come home from war it's kind of fun if the kids don't know. we've got homecoming surprises times three, starting in colombia south carolina. have a look. >> i don't see her. >> baby! >> oh, how good is that? third grader morgan terry was having lunch at north spring elementary when mom showed up. staff sergeant monica terry surprised her son at his middle school. she's been in afghanistan for the last eight months and visits with her kids over the internet. >> i was able to see them, but just to be able to touch them is just so much better. >> it sure is. surprise homecoming number two, now. navy petty officer sean petty shocked his fifth grader in little rock, arkansas. he showed up at school with pink balloons and a dozen red roses and a giant teddy bear.
11:58 am
dad wasn't expected home until may, but got early leave for thanksgiving. how good is that. and for sheer showmanship. surprise homecoming number three wins hands down. it happened during the tennessee titans' football game. >> we direct your attention back on to the field for a very special surprise. here he is! >> oh, my god! >> how good is that? sergeant mark foster rode on to the football field starting an unexpected two-week leave just in time for thanksgiving. it's the family's first time together since march. >> i love you! >> i'm used to waiting. i'm in the army. hurry up and wait on everything, but when she was two blocks away and then when i got here and i sat down in that room for three and a half hours while she was here walking around -- >> oh, boy, happy thanksgiving to all of the newly reunited families. that's good, huh? >> crunch time for holiday
11:59 am
travel. millions of you are on the move today trying to make it to grandma's house or somewhere for thanksgiving and we are, of course, your holiday travel headquarters. we will bring you the information you need for getting there including updates on blizzardlike weather conditions in the west. we're also keeping a close watch on airport security and whether those protests over enhanced screening actually pan out. we have heard the backlash over those full-body scans and more intrusive patdowns. that's and critics of the new screenings called for travellers to opt out of the body scans and request patdowns. the goal was to slow down security as a form of protest. our correspondents have been checking on the conditions. -- captions by vitac -- >> i'm jeanne meserve at reagan
12:00 pm
national airport. if you were expecting the opt-out protest to clog up security lines you can see there are no security lines here at all. the organizers of the we won't fly protest that urged people not to travel today it is the success of his campaign, but as for the opt-out campaigns, to opt for the patdown, no sign at this airport that that's happening in significant numbers. in fact, we talked to several travelers who weren't aware of the opt-out campaigns. others have told us they have no concerns about the privacy implications of either the patdowns or the body scans. one could argue that the campaign has already had an impact, however, because the u.s. government is exploring other less-intrusive ways of doing security at this point though. no changes today and it will be the body images and patdowns. >> jeanne, appreciate it. thank you. let's talk to the man behind the protest of the enhanced
12:01 pm
airport security screenings. brian, from washington. brian, if you would, from your perspective, has this been a success today? >> oh, yeah. absolutely. look, i never expected to have disruption and chaos at the airports today. you know, my whole point in doing this was to educate people on what their options are in my opinion, to get the policy changed. so i'm happy we're having this national discussion which i think is critical to have, and like i said, i think the weather will be more of a factor today than people opting out. i never expected some of the questions that i was asked about it to happen. >> brian, honestly, you're telling me you didn't want to see some kind of disruption at the airports around the country? >> look. i want people to follow the procedures and the law. i want people to follow the procedures of the tsa, but i want them to be educated about
12:02 pm
what they're consenting to when they're purchasing a plane ticket. purchasing a plane ticket is allowing the government to look under your clothes without any reasonable cause or to submit to an enhanced patdown that touches you in places that you may want want to be touched. so i want to educate the public, and i want the policy changed. we have limited resources and is there a way that we can do this that is better. that's the ultimate goal here. let's step back and be more rational about this and let's have a discussion. >> gotcha, what do you want to have happen here. if you take the tsa at its word and you set off an anomaly, so the tsa has the responsibility to know what's going on here? is there another course of action? something else you would suggest other than the body scan, and other than the patdown? >> i mean, look. you had, as far as privacy concerns you had scientists a couple of days ago that worked on the machines and i alerted the government to this issue
12:03 pm
four or five years ago. you can change the algorithm in the machine and make it a funhouse sort of picture and you wouldn't have these privacy concerns and you wouldn't have these explicit photos of passengers. so i think that's certainly one easy fix you can do, and then you have the house of representatives that passed legislation that says these scanners shouldn't be primary for detection. if you raise suspicions, and those are much more reasonable than sending everybody through these type of things. again, i wasn't expecting chaos today. you have 80% of the security lines that don't even have these machines as it is. it is about awareness, educating people and making them aware of what the issue is and if they don't like it, like me, let's put the pressure on and let's put the pressure on congress and the administration to change this, to take account of the privacy issues and the other concerns that people have. >> 700-plus complaints so far since the new rules went into place.
12:04 pm
in that same period of time 28 million people have passed through security. haven't you made this a much bigger deal than it deserves to be? >> no, look, you know, i think there are a lot more people that are having problems with this as they go through it. a lot of folks don't know that they can complain at the gate, you know, with tsa. there's a special phone number with tsa and an e-mail address that they can call and complain. i have a lot more issues with this with people that i haven't complained and launched a formal complaint. we'll have to see what shakes out. i'm confident that something will be done. i know the administration is starting to take a step back and look. is there another way that we can do this that isn't quite so invasive. i'm optimistic and i'm hopeful that something will change, whether it's in the short term with the administration or whether congress takes action, perhaps in their next session starting in january. >> so you've accomplished your
12:05 pm
goal. >> i think so. absolutely. i'm thrilled at the response in that we've elevated this discussion and that we're now having it in the marketplace. you know, i don't think, for instance, it was right for tsa to implement these enhanced patdowns without informing the public first. so i think we are -- we're more educated now. we understand the issues, and i think that's positive in terms of security and understanding what can we do better. is this really working? i'm happy we're having this discussion. >> think the flying public is happy that things seem to be going smoothly at the airports. i appreciate the conversation, happy thanksgiving to you. thanks for your time today. let's get you to david mattingly. he is at the tampa airport. we put him on a flight from atlanta to tampa. tell us about your trip. >> reporter: when it comes to security we have seen no sign of
12:06 pm
a protest. no sign of any delays and no sign of any problems. i have talked personally to 20 to 30 people who have been through the full-body scans and had that option to actually get the patdown and only one couple opted for the patdown, and they were telling me they did it for personal reasons and not for wanting to go through the radiation. so at this point a lot of people were supportive, very understanding and very easy going when it comes to going through that new, enhanced security. we did talk to one couple, though. it was a man who had a broken arm and he had a brace on his arm when he went through the full body scan and tsa asked him to remove his sweater which caused a little bit of pain for him. they didn't let his wife help him and they were upset about that and that couple said they will be sending a letter to their congressman complaining about there should be some sort of special treatment for people
12:07 pm
with injuries going through this, but otherwise, the regular travelers, people who normally travel for business. you name t all going through this with a smile on their face and anxious to get where they're going. >> that's what we need at this point. the issue certainly has been raised. david mattingly at the tampa airport. david, thank you. let's get a big-picture view at how this busy travel day is shaping up for you. jacqui jeras is with us. >> tony, there's a lot of things being impacted at this hour. very busy conditions. a lot of volume just causing problems in and of itself and weather a big factor and one of the things we're following right now is what's been going on across parts of central illinois and into indiana and stretching into ohio and all of the pink that you're seeing on the radar. that's light, freezing rain and from peoria to the bloomington area. i did check in with the department of transportation and
12:08 pm
they're reporting green light. that means clear of ice and snow. so that's some good news, but we do think things will get worse in the upcoming hours and that's something we'll be watching very closely. by the airwaves, we've had spotty delays on and off throughout the morning. the only one we have right now is good news, yay, only one. newark. good news of the weather and the wind. arrival delays of 36 minutes. you can't even see the tops of the buildings at this hour. we have low clouds, delays and earlier in the day. things are okay right now at hartsfield and make sure you call ahead because we do anticipate there could be more trouble as we head into the late afternoon and evening hours. >> speaking of the airlines we're seeing what's going on with our affiliates and wdiv out of detroit is reporting on the story of a crash of the computer system of spirit airlines and there have been lengthy delays there as well as rescheduled flights as a result of that.
12:09 pm
if we take a look at pirity airlines' website they say please stand by. we're working on it. they've brought in additional staff to try to help with the problems. so hopefully they'll have that wrapped up in short order. we'll keep you updated on all of those stories, tony. >> boy, you really are busy. thank you. she came in third, but she is number one online. people are talk, tweeting and blogging about bristol palin on "dancing with the stars." 50-year-old jennifer gray beat out the 20-year-old. we'll have more on the story later this hour in 90 seconds. i said "sure." "well, let's grow some algae." and that's what started it. exxonmobil and synthetic genomics have built a new facility to identify the most productive strains of algae. algae are amazing little critters. they secrete oil, which we could turn into biofuels. they also absorb co2. we're hoping to supplement the fuels that we use in our vehicles, and to do this at a large enough scale
12:10 pm
to someday help meet the world's energy demands.
12:11 pm
okay. pipe dream comes true. that's why this kid is the random moment of the day. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> how good is that? kent jenkins, a college freshman making music with his homemade pvc pipe organ. you know, those plastic pipes used in home construction? kent can do everything from mozart to madonna. he points to the blue man group as the inspiration for the random moment. ♪ ♪ ♪
12:12 pm
they are angry and noisy in london today.
12:13 pm
>> they're really noisy. thousands of students are on the streets across england protesting large tuition protests. two weeks ago protests turned violent when they stormed conservative party headquarters. atika shubert in london. describe the scene around you now. >> reporter: well, basically, it's less of a protest and more like a rave that's slowly winding down. i'm right in front of parliament square and lit up is westminster and police have cordoned off the area and descended the protesters into this area. i'll show you more of what's happening. as you can see behind me there, they have music pumping and they're dancing and that's where the party, clearly, is still going and others really just want to go home at this point and they started a little fire. they started burning their signs and placards. it's just getting so cold here and they're tired and cold and they just want to go home and they're sort of waiting for the police to let them go.
12:14 pm
what they've been protesting all day is the hike in tuition fees that have just about tripled. they say that's too much and too much debt to take on to go to university. what's interesting is a lot of these students are high school students and they say that they're here with the support of their parents and the permission of their teachers to show that the families and communities are against these tuition hikes. the question is is the government going to listen now? >> yes, that is the question. >> atika, do you get a sense that tre are more protests to come on this issue? >> reporter: yeah. the students say there will be more protests and it's important to point out it's not just london where we've seen protests, manchester, liverpool. a lot of these cities have had protests and there's occupation of university, buildings and all kind of protests happening and the students say they're planning for more to come in this and in the next and they'll continue to have the protests unless the government changes
12:15 pm
policies on tuition fees. the only thing is the government says it cannot afford to continue the way it has. it will press ahead with these budget cuts despite these protests. >> and that's what austerity looks like, budget cuts and protests. atika shubert for us in london. good to see you. happy thanksgiving. thank you. let's go across the country to stories affiliates are covering today. authorities in riverside county, california, ripped down a homeless tent. that's dangerous because a little rain can turn the creekbed into a raging river. a man walks into antonio's pizza in amhearst, massachusetts and orders 148 pies. that's four grand in pizza. he claims he wfs bob dylan's tour. the prankster never came back for the pizzas. nobody got the phone number or deposit and the fbi raised three
12:16 pm
investment firms in connecticut and massachusetts this week. lawyers with knowledge of the investigation say the sweeps are a precursor to a massive insider trading case against hedge funds. they say charges are expected to be filed by the end of the year. the cnn help desk tackles investing for folks who have never done it and what to do if you lost money when lehman brothers went bankrupt. here's stephanie elam. >> time now for the help desk where we get answers to your financial questions. joining me this hour is carmen van ulrich. >> first question comes from la toya in illinois. who writes, after identifying the company i want to invest in what are the procedures for investing my money in them? do i invest through a bank, person, website, person? >> first promise me that this is play money. this is at least 5% or less of your overall investment when you're talking about an individual stock. this is a high-risk thing to do, but if you do want to do that
12:17 pm
and you want to do research and don't want to pay too much online, you want to balance ret search versus the cost. there are a lot of low-cost sites. and you'll have to go to an online broker. at, loot lots of research and very expensive. or schwab have research and lower prices. if you really are looking for a discount broker, trade king can help especially if she's looking to invest in one dump and not trade very often. do your research and go to all these sites and find out what is best for you. >> for what you want to do. >> hank. i have lehman brothers bonds will i ever get any of the money back? lehman brothers is no longer with us. >> there are people trying to sue right now in order to get from the bonds from the individuals who sold them those bonds. most likely no, but you have to look at how bankruptcy works. first of all, the first to get paid are the secured bondholders and they have bonds tied to an
12:18 pm
asset and then they pay the unsecured bonds and then they pay the subordinated debt and other preferred stock and the company's stock usually gets nothing at all. so most individuals didn't get anything, so unless you have seenior secured bond, you probably got a little bit, if anything at all, but you might have to wash that one out. there is a whole lot of risk, even in bond, and it might seem it is fixed income guaranteed. >> i'm sure hank didn't want to hear that, but good for him to know. >> thank you so much. do you have a question you want to get answered? send us an e-mail at live pictures from denver's airport. travelers heading home for the holidays. we have got your travel weather update. bonnie schneider is in the cnn "newsroom." that's next. we're back in a moment. impressive resume. thank you.
12:19 pm
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big stories we're following for you right now. new video just in to cnn showing artillery damage on the south korea border island. hostile language from north korea today. north korea says the south is pushing the peninsula to the
12:22 pm
brink of war, threatening, quote, enormous retaliation. a north korean artillery barrage killed four south koreans yesterday. a u.s. aircraft carrier is due in the area this weekend for military drills with south korea. let's get back to travel. weather conditions. let's check in with bonnie schneider. good to see you. we're billing this weather hit the mess. >> it is a mess. it depends on where you're going, but so many parts of the country affected by not only snow. we have freezing rain and plain, old regular heavy rain and that is slowing down and in the air. it may be mild here, but it is so foggy out there. check out the skyline. it is looking overcast. it's comfortable, weatherwise, but sure is foggy out there. snow down to areas of minneapolis and then heavy rain mixing in with freezing rain and ice right in the nation's midsection. it's looking pretty bad for
12:23 pm
areas into illinois. i want to show you minneapolis with snow on the growth fund. here's the camera of i-94 at west jufrpgz. look at this. this is the worst weather to drive on. that's when the water hits the trood freezes and that's what's happening in peoria, illinois, making for slow-moving traffic as we work our way across the nation's midsection on this busy travel day. wow! look at all these advisories. winter storm advisories and warnings. remember, when you r these winter weather advisories you mean not just snow, but blowing snow. the winds could get as strong as 60 miles per hour and when you have that you get to zero visibility so treacherous travel across the north and northern part of the country. >> boy, everybody, be careful out there. fred mcneil spent 12 years slamming opposing nfl players. now his brain is paying a really
12:24 pm
heavy price. he tells dr. sanjay gupta, concussions had him thinking of ending his life.
12:25 pm
dr. sanjay dpup that examines the concussion crisis in football from the pros on down in his final part of the serious "head games." sanjay visits a former nfl star after years of hard hits. >> the long-term impact that people are talking about is this sort of dementia problem, and almost an alzheimer'slike
12:26 pm
disease. and the question a lot of researchers have been asking is what is it doing to the brain over the long run they develop a constellation of symptom, they have memory problems, they have rage, and it progresses for some of them into this dementia state. we learned this through the story of one particular it player. >> he got grilled at 59. >> they are thrilling. >> the blow! hit him with a stinger. >> and terrifying. >> watch a football game and you can't miss that, the hits. >> oh! >> but what does the real impact, what is happening to the player's games? >> how many times did you take a hard hit during football? >> there was one time when a had a real serious concussion, and it was so serious that i was dizzy for, like, you know -- for two or three weeks. >> 30 years ago fred mcneill was
12:27 pm
a linebacker for minnesota vibingings and he played in two super bowls. relentlessly hitting opponents was his job. >> you've got to be able to move, right? >> right. >> no question mcneill is robust, physically. >> you can control it, but you can tell his brain has paid a price. >> what has it done to you? well, impact is on memory. i meet people and they talk about the conversation that we had two weeks ago or three weeks ago or a month ago or whatever and -- and i don't remember. >> if we saw each other again, would you remember me? >> sanjay, i don't know. >> when i started out -- >> the not knowing that happens often, was there also rage. >> it got to where i would say things that shouldn't upset him and he would get angry very quick. his temper was really short. >> followed by remorse.
12:28 pm
>> that was the biggest thing for my dad. he felt like it was all his fault. >> it wasn't. >> but there was no doubt he was different. >> there was a moment where i realized i wasn't living with the person that i knew and married. >> no one seemed to know what was happening to fred mcneill about reports about other former nfl players who had been through similar issues. >> like mcneill, they had memory problems, rage issues and depression. most disturbing, all died young. could concussions, the common denominator, be to blame? researchers at boston university medical school are looking deep into the brain and spinal cord of former athletes to find out. what they are seeing is startling. this is a normal brain. this one, a 45-year-old former nfl player. see the brown tangles? that's brain damage. it looks a lot like this 70-year-old brain with dementia. >> the changes that we're seeing
12:29 pm
in 45-year-olds is -- is basically unheard of. >> it's called chronic traumatic encephalopat encephalopathy, and here's the kicker. they're directly associated with rage, memory problems and depression. >> i was actually considering not living. i was actually considering that. >> you wanted to end your life? >> yeah. i was just thinking it would be so much easier. >> today is better. >> i feel really good. i can run around in the park right now. >> mcneill is still worried about himself and other players. >> it's happened to me, and it's happened to another players and it's coming from the concussions and the impact that players have had playing football. >> an impact that may be lasting. >> tony, it is hard to see fred
12:30 pm
mcneill like that. we checked back in on him and he is doing better today, but all of the symptoms he was just describing, he believes, are due to concussions. we did reach out to the nfl as well about mr. mcneill and other players like him. they released this statement saying what we're trying to prevent is multiple concussions without recovery. we know there are long-term effects of concussion, but they have not been fully kaushthized. the whole goal of the nfl is when in doubt, sit them out and let them recover so there are no long-term effects. this is an emerging science and in that particular lab, they've examined 15 brains so far and 15 of them have shown the changes you just saw there. one of them in someone as young as 18 years old. a lot more in the years to come on this particular issue. >> back to you. >> sanjay, appreciate it. thank you. you know your paycheck is likely to shrink a bit in 2011 thanks to an expiring tax credit. our cnn money folks will tell you how much you could lose. we're back in a moment.
12:31 pm
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why don't we do this? let's get a market check, three hours into the trading day and we've got a nice rally. i think we might be slightly off session highs, but not by much. look at this. triple-digit gains we're looking at right now. the dow up 136 points and i'll check this with carter in a second, and i believe the nasdaq is up by 40, 45 points.
12:34 pm
a tax credit that actually boosts most of your paychecks is expiring at the end of the year.'s carter evans is joining me from new york. good to see you. what does that mean for you and me? >> okay. what it means for a lot of people is they're going to see less money in their paycheck starting next year. this is called the making work pay tax credit. this has nothing to do, by the way, with the bush tax cuts that everyone has been talking about for so long. this was part of the stimulus and what it did was it allowed for a little less money to be withheld from each paycheck. 90% of americans benefitted from this tax credit. >> so who will be hit the hardest, carter in. >> let me break this down for you. here's how it goes. $400 tax credit if you're single. $800 if you're married. here's how it breaks down. this was a money that was not taken out of your paycheck and it broke down to $37 a month if you're single, $67 if you're
12:35 pm
married. it impacts the middle class most of all. take a look at this, if you're making $50,000 and you're single you'll get $400 less in your paycheck next year. what will happen is uncle sam will take $400 more out. if you're married, it's going to cost you even more. it will cost you $800. the tax credit phases out when you get into the six-figure area and it's after $150,000, but a lot of people are not going to be hurt by this, and making sure what everyone's talked about. this will slip right under the radar and there's an effort by some in congress to extend it and they'll all go on break soon and it's not looking good. >> folks will feel that and see if we can drum up a little conversation about that in the days to come. good to see you. happy thanksgiving to you. >> happy thanksgiving to you. appreciate it. one of the hottest toys of the season make you sound and look like a rock star even if you
12:36 pm
don't know how to play an instrument. is that right? >> i'll show you how it works. the best toys for kids of all ages is seconds away. >> stand by for craziness. >> i love this.
12:37 pm
12:38 pm
okay, josh. so what is it exactly that you're wielding there. don't hurt yourself. >> check this out. ♪ ♪ >> not bad, huh? it slightly seems like i'm actually doing this. >> wait, you're playing "sweet home alabama" on that thing? >> if i had any idea what i was doing with my fingers. >> some might believe you're playing with that. this is one of the hottest toys of the season and we have a whole spread up on choose through all these fun toys. they have these things called thinga ma jigs. and what's good for people of different ages and it's up on the blog at we have a very short break coming up right now which means
12:39 pm
i can bring this to tony and see what he does with it when we get back. >> let's work it out. thank you very much.
12:40 pm
was that okay? was that okay? >> you are nailing "sweet home alabama." i know. >> $45. >> this is hon of the hottest selling toys? >> hon of the hottest selling toys of the year. >> it looked like something, huh? >> we picked videos and we'll put them on the blog. >> no, we won't. a new dancing star and a star's new baby. two big stories in the world of entertainment. >> i think you have some skills, tony, on the guitar. >> was that okay? >> yeah. i heard you during the commercial break and it sounded great. but let's talk about "dancing
12:41 pm
with the stars." oh, perfect. >> common sense prevailed among the viewers last night. after weeks of twists, turns, controversies and conspiracy theories the winner of "dancing with the stars" is the superior dancer, jennifer gray. she outdanced kyle massey. he was quite the entertainer, i loved him and they sent teen mom bristol palin back to alaska. "showbiz tonight" was backstage during the show. she's relieved it's all over and she has a message for the fans that kept voting for her. listen to what she says. >> i'm very grateful for the people that did vote for us and kept us through the whole time. >> it should be noted that jennifer gray is 50 years old. her two closest competitors are more than half her age. kyle massey, 19. bristol, 20, and jennifer gray was also struggling with injuries, dancing through a whole lot of pain.
12:42 pm
so congratulations to her. it's impressive. >> yeah. yeah. nifty 50. one other item here, brooke. john travolta's baby. some long-awaited good news for the travolta family. >> fantastic news for john travolta and his family, tony. "showbiz tonight" has just confirmed that john travolta and kelly preston have -- a very healthy, good size was born tuesday in a florida hospital. the rep tell us shoebs tonight this, john, kelly and their daughter ella bleu are ecstatic about their newest member of the family. both mother and baby are healthy and doing beautifully. the couple's daughter ella bleu who they mentioned was 10 years old, you may remember their son jett died after a seizure at age 16. that was in early 2009. it was very tragic. so, tony, this family has been dealing with a whole lot of
12:43 pm
heartache since jett died. this is wonderful news. nothing like a new baby to bring happiness and healing. >> just in time for the holidays. happy thanksgiving to you and your family. if you want information on anything breaking in the world of entertainment. brook's got it for you this evening at 5:00 and 11:00 p.m. eastern on hln. we asked people all over america where the best potatoes come from. the best potatoes? idaho. idaho! idaho. and how do you know you're getting idaho potatoes?
12:44 pm
well...uh... uhm... heh.. (sighs) not all potatoes come from idaho. so if you want the best, you have to do one important thing. always look for the grown in idaho seal. i knew that. i knew that. look for the grown in idaho seal. a lucky bird today at the white house. >> as president of the united
12:45 pm
states you are hereby pardoned -- >> two turkeys named apple and cider granted a presidential pardon from the chopping block. president obama spared the birds at a ceremony in the rose garden. it's been a thanksgiving tradition since george h.w. bush was in office. they'll spend the rest of the days at george washington's mount vernon estate and gardens. >> congress gets ready to take up gays in the military. candy crowley, part of the best political team on television, live from the political desk in washington. what a treat this is. candy, good to see you. what's crossing right now? >> a couple of things right now. "don't ask, don't tell" the repeal of "don't ask, don't tell" still very much in the hopper and they're expected to put out its report on how the military views this. a lot of republican critics said this was not a study on whether it would harm the military to
12:46 pm
repeal "don't ask, don't tell" and allow gays and lesbians to serve openly. this was a study on how to do it. what we now have is we'll get that report early next week and the senate arms services committee will hold hearings about that report. they're bound to be very interesting hearings next week. we will have, among others, the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff, mike mullen, he is for lifting "don't ask, don't tell" and defense secretary robert gates is will also be there and he's for it. the other topic that i find fascinating out there, as you know, president obama has given an interview for barbara walters on abc and it will show up on friday and in it she talks about sarah palin because sarah pilin said she thinks she can beat president obama although she couldn't today because her polls are eight points behind. the president was asked about sarah palin. he said, listen, she obviously has a big base in the republican party, but i really don't think
12:47 pm
about her much. that puts him in that group of people who said he is concentrating on being the best president he can. >> finally, i wanted to point out to our folks, a story that's on there by one of our senior producers, kevin bond. we spend so much time talking about all of these new incoming freshmen and kevin takes a look at two of the departing congressmen who were defeated. james overstar from minnesota, paul kanjorski of pennsylvania, and kind of gets their take and a nostalgic look and dire projections. both of them saying they really don't see congress working together as so many voters said they might want to do. they think, in fact, it's now more divided. >> candy, what do you think of that? what do you see for the next congress? >> well, listen, i think there will be things that this congress can, in fact, agree upon, but i think they'll be around the edges of things. i think both parties are looking
12:48 pm
for ways to cut some of the spending. i think there will be some spending cuts, but it won't be the big, broad things because that's where all of the divisions are. i think that they will find some things to do on alternative energy policy because both parties can come together on some things, but it won't be the big, broad energy reform, and they might be able to do something about immigration, but chances are quite small that a huge reform of the immigration system will happen in the next two years because you know what, tony, the presidential election of 2012 has already started. >> miss candy crowley hosts "state of the union" terrific show. good to see you, thank you. your next political update coming in one hour. you know where to go, it's we asked people all over america where the best potatoes come from.
12:49 pm
the best potatoes? idaho. idaho! idaho. and how do you know you're getting idaho potatoes? well...uh... uhm... heh.. (sighs) not all potatoes come from idaho. so if you want the best, you have to do one important thing. always look for the grown in idaho seal. i knew that. i knew that. look for the grown in idaho seal.
12:50 pm
with the holiday season upon us, it is a great time to stop and give thanks for family, friends and for our country. as always, we're asking you what america means to you. it is a segment we call "my america is --." here's what some of you are saying to us. >> my america is a melting pot. >> my america is very blessed. >> the future. >> sometimes you have to work for that harder than normal, but you still have an opportunity to be yourself. >> if they put in an effort they can make something of themselves. >> for those of us who have resources and an imagination, you can do whatever you like. >> the economy is messed up and still out here looking for a job. that's what we've got to do. >> my america to me looks real
12:51 pm
good. >> my america is a country with a lot of potential. i don't think we've peaked yet. >> people say hard times, but i don't really see it, you know? because i've been through hard times. these are easy times for me. >> we want to hear you about your america. hit me up on facebook or twitter. i'm really getting into this tweeting business here. about two years' late, right? or my blog at we're back in a moment.
12:52 pm
if it is hot on the web we are tracking it for you. sandra endo is tracking it. tough night, right, for bristol
12:53 pm
palin on "dancing with the stars" and a hard-fought win for jennifer gray. maybe you can share with us what some of the fans are saying about last night's results. >> well, it's hugely trending today, tony. all of the talk is about the fin ale of "dancing with the stars." as you mentioned bristol palin did not win, she actually came in third, and the big winner of the night, jennifer gray. a crowd favorite early on and the 50-year-old beat out her two young competitors and twitter is all abuzz about her. one of the tweets coming from kellizinc. nobody puts baby in the corner. >> of course, jennifer gray would win dancing with the start. she did dirty dancing people, that alone guaranteed a win. and a favorite of mine and other people here. from chip brock, jennifer gray edging out bristol palin in "dancing with the stars. i can see "dirty dancing" from my house. people having fun with it, yeah.
12:54 pm
>> we all understand and get that reference. good stuff, sandy. >> i think i heard you say, tony, that you were just getting into facebook? >> no, no. it's twitter. i've been on the facebook for a while now. >> all right. >> but the whole twitter thing is starting to resonate. >> i was going to say, come join the party, all right? >> i'm joining the party. >> facebook is actually flexing its muscle. the widely popular social networks site is trademarking face. they should stay away from using face for their brand. for example, the first big fight over the name was back in 2005 when a british site wanted to put up facebook had to buy them out. yep. >> you know what? i'd like to get in at 2.0. let all of the kids mess with them. let me get in at 2.0 when they worked out all of the bugs. happy thanksgiving to you and your family.
12:55 pm
>> you, too. >> as millions flood airports, many. some certainly are grumbling and see why some frequent fliers go on runs to rack up the miles despite the hassles of flying. >> the from atlanta to seattle, detroit to houston, seattle to detroit, detroit to nashville and then i drive home from nashville.ave en a musician but i knew that i was going to need a day job. we actually have a lot of scientists that play music. the creativity, the innovation, there's definitely a tie there. one thing our scientists are working on is carbon capture and storage, which could prevent co2 from entering the atmosphere. we've just built a new plant to demonstrate how we can safely freeze out the co2 from natural gas. it looks like snow. it's one way that we're helping provide energy with fewer emissions. as a part time sales associate with walmart. when william came in i knew he had everything he needed to be a leader in this company.
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flyers rack up thousands of miles despite the hassles of air travel. poppy harlow shows us how the system actually works. >> how many miles have you flown in your life? >> i raise my hand. 17 million. >> what? >> didn't george clooney fly, like, a million in "up in the air" in. >> he's got nothing on me. >> imagine flying for fun. sounds crazy for most given the delays, cancellations and security hassles, but to some like randy peterson, it's well worth it to rack up the miles on so-called mileage runs. >> mileage run is to earn the most miles. >> how many miles have you flown in your life? i raise my hand. 17 million. >> what? >> yeah, 17 million. >> didn't "george clooney fly, like, a million in "up in the air." he's got nothing on me. >> imagine flying for fun.
12:59 pm
sounds crazy to most given the delays, cancellations and security hassles, but to some, like randy peterson, it's well worth it to rack up the miles on so-called mileage runs. >> mileage run is really just a mechanism to do one of two things, earn the most miles for the cheapest amount of money and then you take those miles and redeem them for something really valuable later on. >> you want to go from point a to point b, but you want to go in a most roundabout fashion as you possibly can, leave in the morning and hop all around, pick up 10 or 15 thoilgz mails. >> atlanta to seattle, detroit to houston, a atlanta to seattle. detroit to nash ryll and then i drive home to nashville. >> on flyer people post the cheapest mileage runs with the most miles. >> we are flyer talkers. >> barbara kessler is a self-employed attorney who flies, well, flying for the sake of flying and racks up thousands of miles a year. >> some people like to go


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